bubbaslogoBubba’s BBQ had been family owned prior to Tom Newell buying the restaurant in 1998. Now, more than 25 years later, Bubba’s continues the friendly, family environment with Tom adding much ambiance as he continues to expand the menu. Tom and his staff strive to make your dining experience pleasant and one you would want to experience time and time again.


Tom became involved in the restaurant business at the age of 14 when he worked for the Student Union restaurant at Oklahoma State University. He was a cook aboard a Navy ship, the U.S.S. Myles C Fox, an has worked for several well-known restaurant chains including a BBQ restaurant for 18 years.


By Coincidence, Tom’s parents were traveling from Houston to Dallas when they stopped here in Ennis to eat at Bubba’s BBQ. Stories were exchanged and a few months later Tom acquired one of his dreams… which is now Bubba’s BBQ & Steakhouse.

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